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Terminals that support your customer's preferred payment method, customized individually to your stores






Disrupting the Market With Our QR-Code Solution!

Expanded Payment Options

Cater to a broader range of customer preferences, accommodating those who prefer using alternative payment methods or mobile wallets

Flexibility & Mobility

QR codes can be displayed in various formats, such as physical printouts, digital displays, or even integrated into mobile apps

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and many more!

Unlock Large Savings in Days with Zero Investments Through Acquiring

Achieve True Omnichannel

Our solution allows you to unlock large savings in just a matter of days without the need for any hardware changes

Savings and Efficiency

By installing AltaPay terminals, you can further optimize your operations and achieve true omnichannel capabilities

Streamline Operations

Streamline operations and boost revenue with our terminals that are designed to provide a seamless payment experience

Plug-and-Play Android Technology

System Integrations

Streamline Your In-Store Operations with Remote Terminal Management

A platform that enables the convenience of remotely managing your payment terminals, allowing you to quickly resolve any issues that may arise


Efficient troubleshooting and problem resolution for your business


Easily resolve terminal issues and focus on serving your customers

Automated Cross-Channel Data & Insights

Experience the simplicity of automated cross-channel reconciliation with our in-store payment solutions. Reduce costs, save time, eliminate errors, and gain valuable insights

"AltaPay’s terminals are extremely user-friendly, which is really important, as that means our personnel do not need to spend a lot of time learning to service them. Furthermore, we can now report all the way down to terminal level, which is a huge benefit for our finance department, as we can retrieve the data we want. In fact, we could do that from day one, which has been of great value to us."

Peter Hansen

Project Manager of Sales Flagship Stores, Carl Hansen & Søn

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